Dine in Design

Signum is at the forefront of design in Macau, embodying creativity and style. From cutting edge furniture and decoration to the best in local art, Signum houses it all and more.

Maggie Chiang has long been bringing her flair and creative touch to the Macau food scene, from her kitchen she innovates and delights in equal measure.

In a crossover event of the highest caliber, Signum and Maggie Chiang will be collaborating to merge the worlds of design and creative fine dining to craft an unforgettable experience.

Hosting private dinners for up to seven people at the new Signum space, which houses a cooking studio and dining area, Maggie will tailor a four-course dinner menu to match the designer environment.

Set in Signum’s stylish surroundings, with imaginative cuisine to match, this collaboration promises a sensory evening for the mind, eye and palate.

The first private dinner will be served on a Seletti X Diesel dinning set.

Date: 2016-09-28 15:25 pm