A Leap of Faith

Trying new things means letting go of the familiar and having the courage to face the unknown. It can feel scary and many choose not to take this path. But there are so many amazing experiences to be had in this world, how will you ever find out if you only stick to what you know?

Opening up to the new requires a leap of faith.

Someone shared with me a golden rule for life: “thoughts and actions of love will only end up in love”. This led me to reflect on my passions in life, my love for cooking and the joy of sharing it with other people. I see making food as an act of love.

Trusting my faith has gifted me with a deeply rewarding and balanced life. Self love and acceptance is vital to looking after yourself. Eating nourishing foods and feeding your mind with good thoughts is truly the way to a meaningful life. I feel grateful that I trust myself to try new things, with creativity and joy.

After all, cooking isn’t about applause and beautiful photos, it is about heart and soul. In the same way the best dish in the world is the one made by your mother – with pure joy and love.


Date: 2017-10-31 15:27 pm