A Menu to Remember

Chef Koji Sonehara, Chef de Cuisine of La Bonne Heure was the first French cuisine chef I ever met and he has greatly inspired me ever since. I learnt a lot from him, and his dishes are still vivid in my memory.

Chef Koji is, in addition to being a magician in the kitchen, is also one of those special people in life who are gracious, he’s always willing to share his cooking techniques, something I find deeply admirable.

Four years ago he was a guest speaker at Mag Kitchen and it was a wonderful experience, my students and I learnt so much. Now we have the chance to work together again, and this time it’s in Maquette.

In a rare opportunity, and what promises to be a most memorable night, Chef Koji will be at Maquette from 11 to 13 December, presenting his signature authentic French cuisine together with Chef Maggie’s dessert and Claret Wines’ wine pairing, for the chance to enjoy dishes served at his restaurant.

It will be a set lunch and dinner, and I, for one, am super excited as this time I will be able to sit down and enjoy cuisine by the hand of someone who has been a mentor. And I will not be the one running around in the kitchen!


La Bonne Heure的主廚Koji Sonehara是我有幸遇上的首位法國主廚。他深深地啟發了我,使我獲益良多,直至現在,我對他的菜式仍印象深刻。這位高手不僅是廚房內的魔法師,更是一位慷慨的指導,願意把廚藝傾囊相授,令我非常欽佩。四年前,Chef Koji蒞臨Mag Kitchen 任嘉賓導師分享下廚心得,使我和同學們都收獲甚豐;而四年後的今天,在Maquette,我們更有機會再次合作!

12月11至13日晚上,Maquette 的客人將可以套餐形式享用Chef Koji 親自準備的正宗法國菜、Chef Maggie的甜品及 Claret Wines 的配酒,機會可貴,定能為大家帶來美好的回憶。而這次我將可坐下來細細品嚐前輩的手藝,實在興奮!還不用在廚房內團團轉呢!

Date: 2015-11-19 10:13 am