Moving meditation

Creating a food art painting is always one of the best moment i enjoy in life. Beginning with a research on the brand image and theme, followed by all the trial and error processes, making beautiful and delicious canapés to the on-site live painting (my favourite part) always ignite my soul.

Recently, I am writing a philosophical paper on the spiritual state of Tibetan culture through art, the Sand Mandala is part of it. Tibet is known for its colourful artwork involving Buddhist deities and a mandala with geometric patterns is a spiritual symbol depicting the universe and the cosmos. Tibetan Mandalas are always made using coloured sand and this creating process is a very meditative process for monks due to the intense concentration involved. Outsiders are rarely permitted to view the beginning ceremonies during the mandala creating process, which involve dancing, chanting and prayers. The monks will have to focus on creating the mandala while people around are praying . To them, the process of creating a mandala could purify their soul, heal their heart and get connected to their inner self. Once these ceremonies are over and after the mandala is completed, the mandala is destroyed in one swift sweep representing “everything is returning back to its original state and element”

The live food art painting process gives me a similar feeling of a sand mandala, people around having ceremony while I am focusing on creating my food artwork, this intense concentration is a moving meditation to me, the work brings a gastronomically pleasure to audiences after the ceremony and when all canapés are consumed, my glass painting is being removed and washed away with water, until the next event .

This makes me relate to the “no attachment” concept of the sand mandala. Forget your assets, achievements and previous work , focus on the “now”, create new beautiful artworks and moments, deconstruct it, and create new ones again.

Does a meditating creation enlighten an artist or an enlightened person creates spiritual artwork?

Date: 2020-11-16 08:24 am