Make it Happen!!
Tips for Transformation Workshop !

Maquette is celebrating two years of bringing the best of Europe to Macau and will be collaborating with experts to bring you a series of workshops this summer focusing on the art of living to enchant our senses.

French fitness expert Ludy Pottier leads a workshop to help you find your balance and excel in life!

Would you like to learn how to make your positive resolutions last over the long run?  Learn the method that will help you to set your goals and keep them!
As an active woman or a mummy… would you like to find greater balance in your busy life?

Discover tips to eat well, while still socializing and staying fit, even with a tight schedule- there are ways to make it all work! Healthy recipes and easy fitness exercises will be shared to help you find a way to manage everything with ease and joy.  Essential oils are a wonderful way to take care of you and your family and can help with a range of conditions, from feeling stressed, suffering from insomnia, to headaches or colds, or even painful menstruations.

Sharing of ideas, healthy canapés and some little workouts workshop to enhance your balances, details of workshop :

Date : 19 June 2015 (Friday)
Time : 15:00 – 17:30
Fee   :  MOP350/person
Venue : Maquette

For applications, please fill in the form through our website and we will contact you for the upcoming procedures, see you there ! 

For more information about Ludy, please visit


Date: 2015-05-28 02:17 am