Cartoons – Good food equals good feelings

I grew up watching a Japanese cartoon (伙頭智多星) about cooking and still do today. It was on TV every Sunday morning at 10am, so I always made sure to wake up early to watch. It’s about a talented 10-year-old boy taking over his father’s business in a restaurant.

The show is all about his process behind the making of good food and everything is very exaggerated, he is super happy whilst cooking, and when the characters find a good technique they all start doing a happy dance, and jump into a giant bowl of soup, or whatever else they are concocting in that particular episode.

Despite all the trippy happy dancing and swimming in food, looking at the cartoons today it’s clear that the cooking instructions given were pretty accurate! In the show there were two experts, one of them was the King of Taste and he really liked the boy and would often visit him to listen to his philosophy on cooking and try to enter him into competitions.

The happy energy and process of how to create something good is what makes this cartoon so special to me.


小時候最愛看‘伙頭智多星’的卡通卡,喜歡那描繪味吉陽一研究菜式的過程,喜歡片中怎樣描繪他當時心情,味王怎樣感染他,讓他明白作為廚師應有的心態;喜歡他們對試味後那誇張表情,抱著大型魚蛋在向上走, 在大型拉麵上游泳,喜歡他們試到好吃食物時與輕快音樂在跳舞, 哈哈,料理及試菜過程都變成可愛快樂的事。


Date: 2015-03-28 17:45 pm