A Chef Guides the Taste Experience

When I was small I always heard people saying that a fulfilling dinner can make people feel blessed. When I was a child I couldn’t fully grasp the meaning of this, but today, as a chef, I do everything I can to make people feel blessed when eating something I made.

To achieve this a couple of things are important to focus on. Aroma, Taste and texture, ingredients and how they compliment each other, temperature, balancing of the tastebuds (those receptors need tantalising!), exciting our senses, how to experience taste slowly (something we don’t actively think about). How to use dessert to round up the dining experience, and end it on a high note.

As a chef you need to think very carefully and in great detail in a number of different areas, as well as study food and ingredients. You also need to put in a number of hours when it comes to research. Long days with early starts are the only way to fit in all that’s demanded from a Chef who is willing to do everything to perfect their craft.

To make people feel good is to let their tastebuds embark on a wonderful journey. This is easy to say, but takes a lot of work to turn into reality.

I’m lucky that I have had a lot of life experience that allows me to understand this process. Balancing heavy flavours and intense tastes and textures with lighter ones, the heavy and strong make room for the light- for differences. In turn, a difference in temperature allows for stimulation.

The gift of making people feel blessed through the food I have prepared for them is an honour, and one that fills me with great joy.






Date: 2016-04-02 17:15 pm