Where My Creative Process Is Leading Me – Back to my origins

Last year was a wonderful whirlwind of travel to new places that helped broaden my mind, and opened new approaches to inspiration.

In the past my thoughts revolved around Western cuisine, particularly French and Italian (my favourites!) yet now I find myself exploring new ways of creating and having fun – vital ingredients to a great life.

The Macanese mix of Chinese and Western flavours and cultures surrounds us in Macau, and concentrates itself particularly well in our food. I’ve started feeling a special draw to my Shanghainese heritage, one that leaves me feeling compelled to incorporate Chinese cooking into my French and Italian recipes – after all, I’m a Chinese Chef cooking Western cuisine.

I’ve thrown myself into studying the Chinese Yin and Yang philosophy of balance, of hot and cool energy, and working that into the way I approach my art of cooking. In homage to Macau’s mixed culture, I’m looking at including more Asian elements into what I do.

How do I do that? I take the very best of each cuisine. For example, the best of Japanese cooking, the best of Korean cooking, and with that I create something unique, unexpected and delicious.

This is my new creative process, there is a lot to play with and the fun is endless. There are no boundaries, and my mind is buzzing with new ideas and thoughts all the time. I feel alive and inspired!

What about my guests and customers? People love the new ideas; it gives me great joy to see their expressions of surprise when they sit down to try the new dishes.

Sharing joy has always been my greatest motivation and knowing I live a life doing exactly that is the greatest gift I could ever give myself. And others.









Date: 2017-10-08 04:20 am