Maquette’s 2nd Anniversary – “Art of Living ” Workshops to enchant our senses

Maquette is celebrating two years of bringing the best of Europe to Macau and will be collaborating with experts to bring you a series of workshops this summer focusing on the art of living to enchant our senses.

In June Ludy Pottier, a Fitness Expert from France, will lead the Tips for Transformation workshop, sharing her knowledge on how to make your life the best possible version of itself.

July will see a certified global Neuro-linguistic programming trainer from Hong Kong, Mr Talis Wong, an expert of body mind integration, use meditation to open us to the fascinating world of our unconscious minds, helping us to unleash our unlimited potential and inner power.

August is design time with Signum Living Store and Karen Gaignon to explore ways to improve our lives and environment through design, and how to make it best work for us.

And of course Maquette will be there every step of the way, mind, body, soul – and of course belly!

We can’t wait to see you there.

Date: 2015-05-19 04:47 am