Macao’s iconic treats

I had a great time today, having received a task to teach a group of students how to make Macau’s iconic pastry, the Portuguese egg tart. The Portuguese tart has always been an icon in the heart of all of us in Macau, and occasionally we would go to buy a piece or two, however it has nowhere to be considered as a superlative in the hearts of tourists.

Being in the presence of 50 individuals with different nationalities in the same room, sharing the joy of baking Portuguese tarts, changed my perspective of Portuguese tarts.

The Portuguese-style egg tart was truly unique as people of different nationalities gathered together to craft a pastry at the spontaneous moment. Everybody was happily engaged in making the tart. I walked by and guided each of them, spoke to each of them in various languages, observed their expressions, ways of speech, gestures, and interpretation of matters made me feel that this cultural diversity makes for a wonderful world. Everybody was happy to be in the pastry room, making Macau’s specialty pastry and exploring what Portuguese tart means. We all enjoyed the atmosphere, took photographs together, swapped ideas, and most of all had fun sharing the outcome of their Portuguese egg tarts. Students were delighted to complete the task and the final batch of students consumed all the tarts!

Today, the Portuguese egg tart is the spotlight which connects people from different nationalities to share joy. I am happy to be part of it promoting Macau’s iconic treats, it was like I had gone on a trip to bond with a variety of cultures from all over the world. Portuguese egg tarts now brings a renewed perspective to mine, and I began to appreciate the way it became superb in the eyes of tourists.

A person’s values may be modified through experience. I suppose my bond with egg tarts was deepened by this experience, and I wanted at least to bake some of them over and over again, day after day.



葡式蛋撻確實很獨特,不同國籍的人在自發的時刻聚集在一起制作糕點。每個人都愉快地參與到制作蛋撻的過程中。我從他們身邊走過,引導他們每個人,用各種語言和他們交談,觀察他們的表情、說話方式、手勢,對事情的理解讓我覺得這種文化的多樣性成就精彩世界。 每個人都很高興能在廚房里,制作澳門的特色糕點,探索葡式蛋撻的含義。我們都很享受這種氣氛,一起拍照,交換意見,最重要的是分享他們的葡式蛋撻成果,很開心。 學生們很高興地完成了任務,最後一批學生吃掉了所有的葡式蛋撻!



Date: 2022-10-28 06:34 am