Maquette’s Special Onion Soup – Working Together is a Winning Recipe

As with everything I undertake, I want to give it my own touch, make it different, infuse it with what I have learnt and seen in my life and world.

According to most people’s perceptions, eating traditional onion soup is about cheesy toppings and taste of grilled, charred flavour, more than that of the actual onion.

When I experimented with my own onion soup what was foremost in my mind was to bring out the characteristics of the ingredients. I believe this is what all good Chefs Do, or at least should do!

As with all relationships in life, family, friends, lovers – we should always strive to bring out the best in each other. Ingredients are no different.

So I spent a good deal of time thinking it over.

Raw onions have a very strong taste, however, when boiled for a soup, they develop a very attractive sweetness. So in my own version of this classic soup, rather than grill the onions a lot, I boil them to allow people to taste the sweetness they harbour.

For the base of the soup I use a good beef broth. When preparing steaks, in particular rib-eye, it needs to be trimmed, so I usually use these for the base of the soup, it creates a very natural beef flavour.

As far as the cheese is concerned, I don’t want it to take over, it’s an onion soup, not a cheese fondue. I want the onion’s sweetness to come out in harmony with the beef broth, so brie cheese is placed on a slice of toast and served on the side, to compliment the dish, but still allow the onions to be the star of the show.

I have clients who come back just for the onion soup, and this delights me no end. These are people who really understand my concept and I consider it a great honour.

Each onion is respected, as are all the ingredients that go into my special soup, they are there to support one another and to work together, to great an unforgettable taste together.

Much like the relationships we foster in life.















Date: 2015-07-03 04:42 am