Cooking Classes

I spent a few years teaching people how to cook, I enjoy teaching people, it makes me a better chef. When I prepare to give a class I push myself to really know the meaning behind what I teach, I study a lot, and I read a lot of books.

When you need to explain something to someone who doesn’t know about cooking, it’s different. I need to assume that they don’t know anything and give them clear directions, and this helps me understand myself better. Just because you know how to cook doesn’t mean you know how to teach someone same.

When I started Maquette I had to train the staff and this wasn’t difficult. I chose people not based on their experience, but rather on their passion for cooking. I taught them from scratches, but taught them in a different way because a working environment is not for students. To teach these people I analyze myself and my own cooking theories and techniques.

The best part about teaching is when I see students do their own thing and grow with confidence, or in the case of kids, when their parents look at them in a different way, with happiness on their faces, this in turn brings me joy.

The mother of one of the chefs at Maquette regularly comes, and when he is plating, his mother looks on in amazement, bursting with pride, and tells me “you are a good teacher, you train him very well.”







Date: 2015-03-28 17:46 pm