Join us in a new direction

At Maquette our customers are family and our dishes are my babies, so it was a big decision to undertake a new cooking adventure, but after much thought, I decided we are ready for the bold new direction.

In August I decided to give our returning customers something new, because they keep coming back and I am so thankful to these people for their faith in me. They are always open to trying something new, but because of the size of our kitchen, we can’t always meet this challenge in the way that we want to.

In September we started our new cooking adventure and changed the whole menu. There are 10-15 new special creations every month.

September’s new menu saw a lot of old and new customers try my new food and I’m really happy about their feedback. They recognize that we are adding another level to our work, our artistic presentations, the different sauces I make for the main course and all the other improvements happening at Maquette.

The expressions on their faces and kind words that accompany the dishes I serve fill me with joy and are exactly why I have made this my life.

October is now here and so is a brand new menu and a special wine for the month from a supplier we are working with. d’Arenberg is one of the most significant wineries in McLaren Vale with over 103 years of history to its name. On the 27th of October there will be a wine tasting party at Maquette and the Australian winemaker, Mr Jack Walton will be present, as well as all our customers who make the Maquette family complete.

Every month we will be serving some of our classic dishes from the past two years. One or two will pop up on the menu, for those customers who miss it! We want you to experiment new things with us, but the past is special and we know you love it, and keeping you happy is one of our favourite jobs!


在 Maquette,客人就如我的家人一樣,菜餚則是我的心血結晶,所以展開一個全新的美食方向是一個重大決定,但幾經思量,我認為已準備好,朝這大膽的新目標前進。



十月來了,我們也準備了新的菜單以及從供應商特別選購的葡萄酒。這款酒由d’Arenberg ――― 澳洲 McLaren Vale(麥克拉倫谷)一間超過103年歷史的酒廠―――出品。本月27日,澳洲釀酒師Jack Walton於Maquette舉行試酒會,而當中當然少不了Maquette大家庭的一班客人,一起到場把酒言歡。

我們希望客人可與我們一起品嚐新的味道,同時我們明白過去的菜式是那樣令人難以忘懷。因此每月我們都會重新推出一至兩款Maquette過去兩年的經典菜式,讓客人可以細細回味。動人回憶, 由味蕾開始…..

Date: 2015-10-05 05:01 am