Exotic Milk Tea – Sharing Memories in Macau

My mornings always start with a Hong Kong style milk tea, cha chaan teng. It is a ritual; it is a sense of comfort and familiarity, wherever my adventurous life takes me, this is my comfort blanket. It is an intense and strong tea, and I carry the ingredients with me to make it in hotels, or wherever I should find myself.

When I was studying in a culinary school in Italy it was very challenging, as Italy is not exactly known for its tea! Luckily my next destination was London, where good tea is part of the cultural tapestry. The British believe that there is not a single problem in this world that can’t be remedied with a good cup of tea. I set out in search of intensely flavored and high quality tea-leaves, and my quest was met with success. Another key ingredient lacking in both Italy and Paris was evaporated milk, so I substituted it for fresh milk. The tea is strong like an espresso, so and I use a lot of milk.

In Italy I introduced my own style of exotic milk tea concoction to my friends and they joined in my morning ritual, it became part of my treasured memories of that time.

When I returned to Macau I wanted to serve in Maquette the tea I made in Italy, I want to relive the experience and to share it with people here.

I didn’t want it to taste like the original cha chaan teng, I wanted to put my experience into this milk tea. I experimented a lot and visited very old tealeaf shops and found different kinds of milk, and along with my young team we tried out four to five cups of milk tea every day for a week to perfect our blend.

So much goes into brewing the perfect cup of tea, timing, temperature, serving cups, water….my parents and my team all helped in the refining process.

We did it, we created an exotic milk tea, based on the traditional Hong Kong milk tea, but with herbs in it to make it special. Our Exotic Milk Tea tastes like my happy memories of Italy, one I can now share with people in Macau.

And the herbs is the secret!





當回到澳門后,我想要在Maquette裡面推出這種招牌奶茶,就像在意大利為朋友們製作奶茶一般,和來到Maquette的朋友一起分享它,為此我還給它起了一個新的名字 ── 繪味奶茶。




Date: 2015-03-28 17:38 pm