Creepy Edible Wonderland – when imagination becomes creation


Oulala Floral Masterpiece Exhibition opening night at the Macau Design Centre in late April was the stuff (weird!) dreams are made of.

When Oulala was planning their 5th anniversary celebration founder Carole Delavelle got in touch with me to come up with a canapé menu for the event. We spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to match the food to the floral theme.

When Carole showed me her black branches my imagination really went into overdrive! The crazy ideas in my mind had found an outlet and started taking shape…

I spent the week leading up to the opening in a state of excitement, drawing sketches and exploring outlandish ideas. I wanted a marriage between the strange and the wonderful, in the spirit of someone I find very inspiring, filmmaker Tim Burton.

My Creepy Edible Wonderland consisted of: Escargots and escargot shells, eerie mushrooms made out of Italian Meringue, Tarte au Chocolat e framboise, Tarte au Citron, Tarte au Escargots with Pesto sauce, bright green Sponge Cake, alongside colourful Edible Flowers from France and different herbs. All presented on a “ground” made up of dark chocolate and biscuit crumble with green tea powder.

All coming together in an appetizing garden for the adventurous!

The night was wonderful fun, there were 150 guests and they were fascinated, presenting me with an endless list of questions and snapping loads of photos of the food – and me!

It is such a happy and meaningful experience when imagination becomes creation, when something strange in your mind becomes an art piece, when you see all those faces looking at your work with surprised expressions, and the feeling that overwhelms you is:

“life is wonderful”


奇幻美味樂園 – 當想像變成創作


當初OULALA在籌備五週年慶祝活動時,始創人Carole Delavelle 找我一起訂定派對的canapé menu。我們花了很多時間設計花卉與美食的最佳配搭方式,而當 Carole 向我展示一些黑色枯枝時,我的靈感立即湧現!瘋狂的構思我在腦海中不斷爆發,並逐漸成形……

結果在開幕前的一星期,我一直興奮無比。我希望能讓奇怪與精彩完美結合,就像讓我啟發良多的電影大師 Tim Burton 的風格一樣,於是我一邊畫着草圖,一邊構思着古怪獨特的效果……





Date: 2015-04-28 18:03 pm