Food and cooking is my calling in this life, my purpose in this world and the gift I seek to share with others.

To travel the world and experience new cultures and understand different ways of living is a long held wish of mine, to understand and discover diverse flavours and ways to create new ones.

Through a feeling of nourishment and warmth that only homemade food can provide, I seek to bring that sensation through taste.

By stepping out of my comfort zone I allowed myself to travel to Europe on my own and summoned the courage to take everything I have, return to basics and start over again – where my dreams patiently waited for their fulfillment. Hope transforms into action when courage is called upon.

Courage comes from French for cœur, the word for heart, and shows how all the courage we need can be summoned from the heart. Courage is the gateway to a life without limits, one of creativity and magic.

My heart is filled with gratitude to cooking, for the beautiful core value it instilled in me and for the life of deep joy and adventure it has presented me with.

Courage guides us on our latest culinary adventure, which focuses on the point where healthy ingredients and blissful flavour meet, it can be found at the balance of those two beliefs.



勇氣一語,courage 來自法語 cœur ❤️,而cœur 就是「心」,說明勇氣是從「心」引發出來,找到讓你的心給靈魂無限勇氣的美麗核心,你將不斷衝破自己的界限,創造更多的奇蹟。


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Date: 2017-06-07 10:14 am