Whenever I partake in live painting at the Food Art corner, I always carry all my palette and the pre-created effects that I made on canvas in the studio. But this is just a preliminary work, the effect of the edible painting goes to the ambience of the venue of that day. Visuals, music and as well as the layouts of the boutique would allow the artwork to be tailored with the sensations I felt at that moment. The day was filled with jazz, elegant and chic surroundings, friendly people and perfect arrangements to bring forth just the right blend of ambience. The effects of the gastronomic artistic area was influenced by the vibe I sensed during the day, incorporating that into the artwork.

This food art project was a long process, unlike the previous food art section of the events we had participated in, with new ideas and components.

Thank you OMEGA for accepting this concept and incorporating it into the design of this food art project. This is the opening day of OMEGA’s new store at City of Dreams, and the theme is “The new now”. We have developed the design of the food art section based on the theme of this campaign, eventually adopting the concept of “sunrise”, considering the fact that sunrise is a moment that most people look forward to, which raises everybody’s spirit and restores their hope, and the anticipation of a new day brings worries to the rear of one’s head for a while.

We figured out that everybody’s feeling is different when watching the sunrise, and this emotion is the present moment we want to embrace the most.

We designed three savory desserts and three sweet desserts, with six different canapés representing each emotion in the form, shape, color, taste and texture to reflect these six emotions while watching the sunrise.

The edible color painting of the sunrise on the table was accompanied by six canapés specially designed for the event, creating the Food Arts Corner for the opening of Omega City of Dreams. I do enjoy every moment of the creation.

Food Arts Corner – by Maggie Chiang
Brand : OMEGA
Client : MM Marketing Consulting Co.
Event : OMEGA City of Dreams Grand Opening




這是OMEGA 在新濠天地的新店開幕日,主題為「The new now 」,我們從這次品牌活動的主題去發展美食藝術區的設計,最後用了「日出」的概念,想到日出,是人們都期盼的時刻,它提升了大家的心情, 恢復了人的希望,而期待著新的一 天,總能暫時把煩惱拋在腦後。

我們在想,每個人看日出的心情都不一樣,這刻的感受就是我們最想擁抱的當下,從這裡梳理出看日出會出現的六種情感 – 分別是熱情、溫暖感、浪漫、繁榮、恬靜和激情。


桌上用食用顏料畫上日出的畫作,配上六款特別為這次活動精心設計準備的canapés. 做出這次為Omega 新濠天地店開幕活動的美食藝術區域。


Date: 2023-02-14 07:49 am