Cuisine has always enticed Maggie Chiang into its world. Summer holidays, Saturdays, Sundays- any available spare time would see a young Maggie attending classes; there was no keeping her away.

Conscious that being a Chef is no occupation for a woman; later in life Maggie dutifully undertook a degree in Strategic Management at the University of Macau and pursued a career in advertising and Public Relations.

However, the call of the kitchen soon made itself heard again. In spite of her day job, in 2006 Maggie started a food blog called Mag Kitchen. Thousands followed.

The success of the virtual venture highlighted the very different worlds Maggie was inhabiting- an uninspiring day job and an online one of creativity and food dreams. The question “where is my soul?” told Maggie it was time for change.

The chance to teach pastry-making classes arose and an intense seven-day schedule began, with an office job by day and teaching every other available hour, but Maggie and her soul were re-united.

In 2010 the opportunity to open her own space led to the fulfillment of a long held dream of offering cooking classes in a cozy, friendly environment. Turning the space into a home-like one, with the skills she learnt in university and professionally, Maggie also went on to brand design and advertise the space. Mag Kitchen space was born.

Word spread fast and soon Mag Kitchen was being approached by various companies for classes, in addition to all the regular students she was teaching.
After six months Maggie left her office job to focus on her new cooking space.

Over 600 cakes later, many hours of teaching and more than 1000 students, in 2012 the chef decided to take her culinary skills to the next level. She booked a flight to Italy.

Time Spent in Europe between Italy and France, where, as well as learning the fine art of European cuisine, Maggie relished in her surroundings, constantly taking notes and drawing sketches of inspiring moments.

Not only in Europe to learn more about gastronomy, it was also a chance to craft “a manual for my future dream café or restaurant” along with her adventure.

When Maggie returned to Macau, Maquette was born.

Maggie Chiang likes to make complex, yet harmonious flavours, allowing people to experience different sensory levels through diverse textures on the palate. Making food is about sharing and showing love, Maggie’s love of creativity and playfulness shine through- this is what she wants people to experience through her cooking.

Giving traditional cuisine a twist is a challenge Maggie enjoys, giving something familiar a fresh and contemporary touch. She has a profound love of French and Italian cuisine, so using local ingredients she gives the European favourites something a little different.

Coming up with new dishes is something Maggie is happy to dedicate many, many hours to, she can always be found experimenting and trying new combinations.